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Karin Stein (Colombian) and Edgar East (Panamanian)

About Us


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With their performances, Calle Sur immerses audiences in the soundscapes and rhythms rooted in many Latin American cultures.  Edgar East’s and Karin Stein’s work on stage and in educational settings is shaped by their life-long personal and professional experiences: both are immigrants to the United States who have undergone firsthand the process of adaptation to a new culture. Both are...

Member of Artes Latinas

Calle Sur is a member of Artes Latinas, a consortium of outstanding Latin ensembles that also includes Tropicante, Los Llaneros, Americas3, Conjunto Ecomadres, Viva México, the Afro-Latin Project, and other ensembles, each with a distinct feel and sound.   We invite you to visit the Artes Latinas home page!

Video Highlights

For a complete selection of audio clips and videos of all our programs, please visit our Audio Page and our Video Page.


The following are the titles of our most popular workshops, assemblies, and other educational services:

NEW:   Concert of Mestizo Tales




A Musical Journey Through Latin America

Cowboys of the Americas

Kibungo, the Beast of the Brazilian Rainforest

A Concert of Hispanic Tales


Making And Playing South American Panpipes

Percussion Workshop

The African Roots of Latin Music

What Meets the Eye: Diversity Workshop

Adding Latin Percussion to Your Jazz Ensemble

New Teaching Ideas

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jan 12-13: New York, NY (APAP)

jan 20-21: Omaha, NE

feb 3: Des Moines, IA

feb 6: Moline, IL

mar 9-10: Bogotá, Colombia

apr 14-15: Hemet, CA

may 4: Omaha, NE

may 10: Des Moines, IA

jul 3: Whiting, IN

sep 14: Morris, MN

sep 21: Batesville, IN


jan 14: New York, NY
feb 4: New Hampton, IA

mar 4: Hampton, IA

mar 31: Virtual concert
apr 22: Dallas, TX
apr 30: Iowa City, IA
may 5: Cedar Falls, IA

may 6: Des Moines, IA

jun 6: Des Moines, IA

jun 9: Chicago, IL
jun 17: Orange City, IA

jun 19: Ankeny, IA

jul 1: Virtual Concert
jul 29: Iowa City, IA

aug 11-12: Harlan, IA

aug 25: West Liberty, IA

sep 3: Omaha, NE
sep 8: Tiffin, IA

sep 16: Hampton, IL
sep 18: Indianapolis, IN
sep 23: Des Moines, IA

sep 24: Clear Lake, IA
sep 29: Macomb, IL
sep 30: Batesville, IN

oct 13: Kankakee, IL

oct 14: Des Moines, IA

oct 26: Norman, OK
oct 27: Hartford, CT​

nov 3-4: Hampton, IA

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