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The Many Flavors of Latin Music

Calle Sur's concerts are a beautiful offering of music from many Latin American cultures, played on many different ethnic instruments, and featuring a large variety of musical styles.   Ideal for world music concert series​.


Calle Sur Live Performance Demo
Calle Sur's "Cancún" Jazz Fusion Project

Misa Criolla - and other programs for choirs

Calle Sur offers a program specifically for choirs, in which the duo accompanies choirs on a variety of traditional Latin instruments.  Calle Sur can provide choral scores of its own compositions or arrangements, or accompany classic pieces, such as Ariel Ramirez' "Misa Criolla," shown in this video.

Mexican Music Program

Want an all-Mexican program?  "Trio de Colores" is a Calle Sur program of Mexican tunes that includes a guest harpist.  Beautiful and fun!

Cowboys of the Americas

This is an orchestral program featuring Calle Sur and South American harpist Alfredo Rolando Ortiz, in combination with a host orchestra.  This  family concert program alternates classical music with folk music from various countries in the Americas, all centered around the theme of the cowboy.  Can be adapted to chamber orchestras.

Educational / Community Involvement

Panamanian Edgar East and Colombian Karin Stein, Calle Sur's lead singers, are fully bilingual musicians and educators.  Both have ample experience teaching and lecturing, easily transitioning between Kindergarten classes and college lectures while instantly adapting the content of the material to each age group and proficiency level.  Ed and Karin bridge cultures with ease, bringing increased enjoyment and understanding of Latin cultures to all audiences and age groups.

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