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Jazz Fusion Repertoire by Latin Duo Calle Sur.

Cancún is the celebration of a special milestone, in this case the 23-year trajectory of Calle Sur, a Latin duo based in the Midwest, comprised of Panamanian Edgar East (vocals, Latin percussion, guitar, flute, trumpet, Venezuelan quitiplás bamboo tubes) and Colombian Karin Stein (vocals, guitar, Andean zampoña pan flutes, Colombian gaita flutes, Venezuelan cuatro).

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Karin and Ed decided to celebrate their 20 years as a duo (now, as of January of 2024, more than 23 years) by developing a new repertoire that fuses jazz piano with Calle Sur’s well-stablished collection of Latin acoustic music, consisting of original songs, contemporary covers, and traditional covers, all masterfully performed on a broad range of Latin instruments, and Calle Sur’s distinctive vocal blend.

Cancun album cover.jpg

The Album

In 2021, Calle Sur released a new album containing some of the Cancún material, which garnered very positive reviews.  In late 2023, Calle Sur finally had the opportunity to officially launch Cancún live, and the project is fully ready to tour. 

Cancún, as the album’s cover art suggests, is a musically exciting, innovative, and colorful reflection of the multi-layered musical trajectory of Calle Sur. 


A silversmith's blend of Latin rhythms like cumbia with jazz arrangements make for a delicate album of enveloping melodies, lots of percussion and warm vocals.  (Albert Gomez, Al Día)

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