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Calle Sur will showcase "Latin Collage" at WAA(Represented by Cadence Arts Network, Table 801 


A near perfect vocal blend and consummate musicianship define Calle Sur, a Colombian-Panamanian duo whose performances bring to life the rich diversity of Latin American acoustic music through many instruments and musical styles. Calle Sur's on-stage charm effortlessly connects audiences to Latin cultures in a manner that is entertaining, educational, and totally engaging. Outreach and symphonic programs are available.

WED Sep 5 ​- Mineral FG, Hyatt Regency Denver
9:40-10:00 pm
10:40-11:00 pm


 THU Sep 6 - Mineral FG, Hyatt Regency Denver
 8:20-8:40 pm

 9:40-10:00 pm
10:40-11:00 pm

Calle Sur will showcase "Latin Fiesta" at ARTS MIDWEST

(Represented by Cadence Arts Network, Table 334)

Ed and Karin, together with 5 backup musicians, serve up a serious dose of energy and fun in this program featuring Latin dance grooves, such as merengue, salsa, cumbia, and more.

WED Sep 12 - Ford Ballroom, Amway Grand Plaza
9:00-9:20 pm
10:00-10:20 pm

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