Album Release and 20th Anniversary Celebration

May 23, 2021 - 2 P.M. Chicago Time


MAY 23 - 2p.m. CT (Chicago)


Karin and Ed of Calle Sur will host this event live, answer questions, and talk about their cultural origins and trajectory as musicians.  Now that they are vaccinated, they will also be able to play a couple of songs live!


The celebration will consist of 10 new music videos with live commentary by Ed and Kari.  Six of the songs are from the new “Cancún” album being launched, featuring jazz pianists Gianny Laredo (Cuba), Bob Washut (U.S.A.), Yazmin Bowers (U.S.A.), and Steve Shanley (U.S.A.) - as well as bass players Alex Pershounin (Russia and U.S.A.) and Dartanyan Brown (U.S.A.).


The remaining videos are original pieces arranged by, and performed with, special musical friends who have inspired Calle Sur in their journey:  Inti-Illimani from Chile; Alfredo Rolando Ortiz from Cuba, Colombia, and the U.S.A; Juan Carlos Ureña from Costa Rica and the U.S.A.; Katie James from Colombia; and more!

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